Andrew Valentine, Author
Andrew Valentine is a writer who lives and works in New York. He is a charter member and board member of the Paranormal Romance Guild -


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Michelle Torro-Papas
Michelle is fiery and headstrong but also caring and gentle, a woman desperately in love with her husband. What begins as a simple game to explore their passions spins violently - lethally - out of control.

Michelle sets out on the path to set things right, a path she follows with unswerving dedication and the ferocity of a tigress.

Jong Lee
Seductive and mysterious, Jong enters Scott's and Michelle's lives for myriad reasons, but foremost is to buoy Xiamora - her vampire lover. It's a task she undertakes with an intensity equal to Michelle's.

Scott Papas
A haunted man with a tragic past that propels him into risky situations, Scott encourages his wife to take actions that lead them into a devastating spiral. He works frantically to correct his present, all while forgetting his past.

Dave Carson
Michelle's best friend and confidant, Dave is her greatest ally... and possibly her greatest liability.

Lord Andy
An eccentric shopkeeper, game master and wise one, Lord Andy is a wellspring of arcane knowledge who divulges secrets of the hidden world.

Xiamora is the creature, the Goddess-Queen, the source. A living vampire with great wisdom and immortal suffering, Xiamora survives the heartbreak of her lost mortal life with growing despair -- a despair Jong will do anything to cure. Including murder.


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